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Use this prime planting month to add new shrubs to your landscape. Consider some that add particularly brilliant color to your autumn lawn and gardens.  These are some of our favorites:

Bayberry: We have several varieties of this lovely shrub available, each in different variations of color and each with a compact form.  The dense fragrant foliage makes bayberry shrubs perfect for hedges and screens, but it will look great in almost spot in your landscape. Different varieties grow to different heights but some will grow to reach several feet tall!  Stop in and ask one of our Tree & Shrub crew to show you all the different varieties of bayberry we have available!

Blueberry: Yes, they are delicious, but the blueberry shrub is GORGEOUS like nothing else!  The shrubs will grow 2-6 feet tall and if you plant more than one variety, you’ll get more berries!  Whether you plant them in-ground or in containers, know that they require  acidic soil – you can achieve this by mixing in some Espome Soil Acidifer – easy granules simply sprinkled on the ground if you have some blueberries already planted, or in the soil if you are just now planting them.

Nandina: Nandina shrubs are SO popular in our area, no doubt due to their gorgeous fall and winter color!  Between the berries and leaves, the reds are a glorious burst of color not just in fall but for months to come.  More good news – they are so hardy, they’re difficult to kill!  They adapt to a number of growing conditions and while they are beautiful standing alone, they make a BIG impact planted in groupings


Gold Mound Spirea: The beautiful golds of this Spirea make a delightful backdrop for nandina reds or blueberry blues – try it!  It is a dense, compact spreading shrub so if you like the idea of it spreading out, be sure to plant where it will have plenty of leg room.


Red Chokeberry: The brilliant red and luscious green leaves help the red chokeberry to stand out in ANY landscape!  It will grow from 6-10 ft tall and 3 feet wide, but periodic pruning can keep it more compact if you prefer. It is drought tolerant and is great for attracting birds to your winter landscape!

All Photo Credits: Monrovia Nursery

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