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Expect better crops in limited space!  Expect more mobility!  Expect more convenience!  If you want to get a jump on early spring crops, raise your expectations and start with raised garden beds from Evergreen of Johnson.

Raised beds are ideal for getting a jump on early spring crops since they can be easily covered (i.e. protected) during the frosty weather we often have in March and April.  Cool weather vegetables that are ideal for early planting include lettuce, broccoli, potatoes, greens, peas, cabbage, carrots and more!

You’ll love all the benefits that come when you commit to raised bed gardening, and you’ll love that you can find everything you need in one place – right here at EJC!  We have several models of raised beds available in a variety of sizes and will gladly walk you through the details of each one so you can make the best choice for your gardening goals.

Things you will want to consider using for the best results include specially blended soils, manure, dolomite lime, fertilizer and soaker hoses.  The soil blend has been designed with beneficial nutrients your plants will need since they will not be growing in-ground.  Dolomite lime will increase soil alkalinity and add calcium and magnesium.  Using this deep, rich soil mix in your raised garden bed will allow you to grow even more vegetables than you could in the same square footage of regular garden soil.  If you are planning a larger bed, we have screened topsoil with a 50% cow manure mix that we can dump right in your truck bed for you!

Every raised garden bed (in-ground beds too, for that matter!)  will benefit HUGELY from our Evergreen of Johnson City All Natural Vegetable Food fertilizer.  It’s packed full of organic matter and nutrients that give vegetables an amazing burst of healthy growth.

And why do you need a soaker hose?  While it is not a necessity, it IS the most efficient way to water your raised garden bed.  And the importance of watering cannot be overstated!  You must must MUST keep your bed moist since it will be unable to draw on any moisture retained in the ground, as plants in regular garden beds do.

Raised bed gardening has surged in popularity because it is successful and great for smaller garden areas like the home backyard. Let our experts at EJC help you with your raised bed gardening needs today!

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