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There are 3 critical areas of attention you should tend to this month, in preparation for a thick, lush lawn in 2018.  Ready?  Set. Go!!

Lawn Weed Prevention:  This is Step 1 in EJC’s DIY 4-Step Lawn Care Program. Broadleaf weeds Henbit and chickweed (see photos to identify them) will take over your lawn if not controlled! To do so, it is essential that you apply this product BEFORE the weeds have a chance to sprout. Once they have sprouted, you have to kill them which is much harder.  The product to use is Fertilome Weed Preventer with Dimension. (The added fertilizer is a real bonus, too!)

Click here for a view of our 4 Step Lawn Program

Controlling Henbit and Chickweed: If you have these weeds already present in your yard, get rid of them by spot spraying with Fertilome Weed Free Zone. Use it on a mild day (50 degrees+) no later than this month or early March.   

Soil Testing: Knowing your soil’s pH balance can be essential to the healthy growth of everything you plant. Test your soil(s) this month so you can start taking any corrective measures needed before growing season starts.  We have different soil testing kits available here at Evergreen JC, each containing enough materials to do several tests for the most accurate results. 

Sow/Plant Grass Seed:  Wise farmers in our area will advise to “Sprinkle on grass seed with the last big snow of winter”.  So even though we sometimes have a late season snow, it is better to sow your grass seed at the end of February instead of waiting.  Our favorite seed is TLC – a super blend of 3 improved fescues that are dark green, can mow down to 3”, and have a super spreading root system to fill in bare spots! One word of caution though – if you have used the Fertilome Weed Preventer with Dimension mentioned in Tip 1, then don’t plant grass seed because it will also kill the young grass plants!

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