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(Look for some special advice for cat lovers at the end of this article!)

Machines are available to do everything short of scouring the air in your home to make sure your family and guests are breathing the cleanest air possible!  From purifiers to humidifiers to sanitizers, they all serve their purpose.  But here at Evergreen of Johnson City we have something prettier, cheaper and 100 percent natural that will cleanse the air your family is breathing – Houseplants!  Ah, but not just ANY houseplant will do the trick…

Scientific research has revealed that many indoor plants act as air cleansers and purifiers, actually making the air that you breathe in your home or office healthier! The following five indoor plants (all available in our greenhouses in a variety of sizes) have been rated as some of the best indoor plants for removing pollutants and toxins (particularly the three most common – benzene, formaldehyde, & trichloroethylene) from the air.


Keeping your houseplants thriving and free of dust is essential to their ability to cleanse the air.  If you currently have indoor plants that are struggling to survive, just snap a picture and bring here to EJC for our plant experts to look at it.  We can offer some tips on watering, fertilizing, lighting, repotting, etc. to bring them back to health.

Notes to Cat Lovers:

Felines love to munch on greenery, but that doesn’t mean that felines and houseplants cannot co-exist!
*Hanging your plants from the ceiling is always a good option, as long as they are not hung too near a launching pad (aka furniture, dressers, or anything kitty can jump from)!
*Cats do not like the taste or the smell of citrus.  So mix some water with lemon, lime or orange juice in a spray bottle and spritz it on your plants. If the smell is not enough to keep the cats away, the taste will surely do the trick!
*Philodendron and Ivy are both toxic to cats so if you have cats your home, best to avoid these plants altogether.  There are plenty of other pretty options!
*Wipe down the leaves with diluted soap and water – the nasty taste will discourage curious cats and won’t harm the plant.
*If your cat likes to dig, put rocks or marbles over the soil.
*You may find your cat will leave your plants alone if you provide him or her with their own grassy option!  Grow some grass seed in a pot or tray and place it near their food and away from YOUR plants

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