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Since late November is the best time to plant your spring bulbs, lots of families have taken to making it part of their Thanksgiving tradition!  Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, grape hyacinth and more should all be planted later this month and we’re going to explain how to plant for the BEST most colorful results next spring! For the most impact of color, plant your bulbs in tight groupings of 3-5 and place those groups 4-6 inches apart.  If you plant them individually and separate, the color impact is not nearly as lush! When you plant, we recommend our Daddy Pete Permatill – a special soil designed for planting bulbs.  It has ingredients that discourage squirrels and moles from digging and from eating the bulbs.  Also, apply  some Hi-Yield Dutch Bulb Food to the area before you cover the bulbs with soil.  This unique fertilizer will not only help to protect them during the winter but it will nourish them as well so that their spring blooms are healthier and more vibrant.  Covering the area with a light layer of mulch is important, especially for the smaller bulbs that tend to be lifted out of the soil from frost heaving.  It also adds to the appearance of the bed – a nice touch! No watering at planting time is needed.

Finally, if you love the idea of fresh spring flowers indoors during the winter, ask any of our associates for tips on “forcing” spring bulbs! Popular choices this time of year are Amaryllis & Paperwhites – these can be planted in a wide variety of containers & mediums to create a beautiful display for the holiday season AND they make beautiful gifts!

Check out our Pinterest board for creative bulb ideas indoors & outdoors:

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