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No, you don’t need to put a mask on them, but protecting them against spring and summer insects and diseases is almost as easy!

Be on the lookout for a mild February day – anything above 50 degrees – then spring into action!  For a safe, natural organic product, we recommend using Hy Yield Dusting Sulfur first.  Let it dry then apply the oil product.  This super safe method of prevention will greatly reduce the necessity of using more pesticides later.

Mix this powder thoroughly with warm water in a hand-pump bottle – easy as pie!

For insect control, either use a bottle of Horticultural Oil  that you hook up to your water hose, OR mix it up in your own sprayer from a bottle of concentrate.  We offer these from Natural Guard Company.

That 50 degree day  will sneak up on you – it always does – so come by today and pick up what you need so you’ll be ready!

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