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You may not BE a lawn mower blade or pruning tool, but chances are you have them.  And if so, this is the perfect month to hone them for the season ahead! By sharpening those mower blades and pruners, you’ll make the job of USING them so much easier!  

A crisp clean cut makes for a prettier appearance, but it can also keep your trees, shrubs and grass healthier too.  After all, ragged grass blade tips and tree/shrub twigs & branches are sites for fungal disease and the brown tips that often result after mowing or pruning with a dull blade. And trying to cut with a pruner that isn’t sharp results in twisting and yanking to get the job done, and THAT results in an unhealthy limb.

We have tool sharpeners available here at EJC plus a nice selection of pruners if it’s time to replace the old ones.

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