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Nothing revitalizes the spirit like a POP of color – especially when it is waiting for you in your yard, when you pull up after a long day.  That POP can put a smile on your face every time!  At Evergreen of Johnson city, we have 3 very special trees and shrubs that can provide that joyous color all summer long, for decades to come!

Featured: Dwarf Limelight Hydrangea and “Pugster Blue” Butterfly Bush

HYDRANGEA – Hydrangea offers a big beautiful bloom in a big variety of colors and styles!   The Panicle category of Hydrangea is especially popular, including Little Lime, Bobo (both pictured here) and many, many more! and we also offer the “Mop Head” variety and Smooth Hydrangea as well.   There are literally dozens of colors and varieties to choose from, so take your time and find the one that’s perfect for your home.

What is especially great about Hydrangea is not just their stuffing appearance, but how easy they are to care for!   Just a little fertilizer based on your specific type of hydrangea (our in-store experts can help you determine which kind), about an inch of water per week through the growing season, and a little mulch added to keep the soil moist and cool.  Year after year, bloom after bloom, Hydrangea’s colors and showy flowers will elicit smiles from everyone who encounters them!

BUTTERFLY BUSH – You can surround your home with the whimsical beauty of butterflies all through summer and fall, when you treat them to butterfly bushes!  These fast-growing shrubs usually reach their mature height of 6-10 ft within just a couple of growing seasons.  If you are looking for immediate gratification, then this is your shrub  They usually bloom abundantly even in the first year!  Just be sure to plant them in a super-sunny location – that’s a necessity.

We also offer a variety of smaller butterfly bushes with a 4-6 ft growing capacity, and an even smaller still one that reaches only about 2 feet, depending on your pruning.  Miss Molly, Miss Violet, Miss Pearl, Miss Rub and Asian Moon are popular among the 4-6 ft bushes, and a new Pugster series has been released in multiple colors and includes one of the 2′ variety.

Butterflies on Butterfly Bush Blooms

CRAPE MYRTLE When choosing a Crape Myrtle for your landscape, your first consideration is size.  The larger Crapes that range from 12 to 25 feet tall when fully grown are most common in our area and we have a number of colors and varieties to choose. These larger growing varieties are often trained to resemble multi-branch trees with unique trunk formations.  

But growing fast in popularity are the different varieties of smaller to medium sized shrub-type Crape Myrtles, 4-6 feet tall and 8-12’ tall.  These smaller growing types are also available in a variety of colors and can still be used as singular landscape accents or planted in groups. 

When choosing where to plant your new crape myrtles, keep in mind that these beauties do not begin to grow their seasonal leaves and blooms until late April, then it takes a bit for them to reach their full potential for the season. Plant them in an area where they will receive full sun exposure.  At the very least, they will need a half day of sun but more is better.  And during their initial growth spurt each year (late April through June) when sun and light are starting their longer daily stays, your Crapes will respond beautifully to a couple of doses of Fertilome Gardener’s Special fertilizer, applied in early May and then again in June to July.

If you have any questions at all regarding coaxing the most stunning, colorful displays from your Crape Myrtles or other flowering trees & shrubs, CALL US!  Our expert advice based on decades of experience is yours, free for the asking!

Dwarf Limelight Hydrangea

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