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Herbs are more popular than ever as more and more folks turn their attention to self-sustenance.  There are centuries old medicinal herbs and cooking herbs to spice up almost any entree or side dish you can imagine!  We’re please to tell you that our selection of different herbs and different varieties is HUGE and our prices are great – most herb plants are less that $5!   

Basil is so popular – we cannot seem to grow it fast enough to meet the demand, but somehow WE ARE!  We have a wonderful selection of basil in all its varieties, an excellent source of vitamin K, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.  Also, did you know the oils of the basil plant are used for treating cuts, wounds and skin infections too?  Like so many herbs, its versatility is amazing!

Best of all, we grow a lot of our own basil plants that are super nice and are priced at just $3.75!

GROWING TIP:  Water Basil when the soil is dry to the touch and try to water directly onto the soil as much as possible, as opposed to on the leaves.


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