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Ah, perennials!  For beauty and value, they can’t be beat!  Take advantage of this perfect planting season and pop some perennials in the ground this month.  By spring and summer, they’ll be ready to show off their gorgeous colors and then return again and again for years to come!  Evergreen of Johnson City has an amazing selection of perennials in our greenhouses right now, ready to make a new home in your garden.  For expert perennial planting tips and a look at just a few of the hundreds available, read on!

Before you plant, mix into the soil some Daddy Pete Perennial Pleaser containing perlite (for the drainage that perennials need), dolomitic lime (an organic source of magnesium for green leaves) and composted cow manure.  This will give your new perennials the best chance ever at developing a strong root system (the key to a long, healthy life) over winter.

NOTE:  Come December, add about 3 inches of mulch over your perennials to prevent deep freezes from literally lifting the root system out of the ground.

Now come to Evergreen JC, grab a shopping cart, and get ready to….well, shop!

(The following perennials are available in an assortment of varieties)

  • DAYLILY – Beautiful blooms in a BIG variety of colors, daylilies are hardy and easy to care for.  They add flair to ANY setting!
  • GERMAN BEARDED IRIS – A favorite for centuries, the frilly edged petals draped around an upright center come in a gorgeous color selection!
  • LENTEN ROSE – These early blooming flowers are a treasure that pops up as early as February and will bloom for 3-4 months straight! Plant several together to guarantee a smile as winter comes to a close – just when you need it most!
  • HOSTA – There are so many varieties of these lush green plants, you’ll want to allow yourself plenty of shopping time!  All the varieties are hardy growers that will get significantly larger each season. Use them as a stand-alone border or encircling blooming perennials.
  • CORAL BELLS – This perennial is gorgeous AND versatile, able to grow in full sun or shade (though partial shade is ideal) and offering great colorful leaves and year-round interest.

Also take a look at Creeping Phlox, Lamb’s Ear, Shasta Daisy, Hardy Geranium, Japanese Anemone, Toad Lily just to mention a few more of our favorites!

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