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Seriously –  just look at these beauties!  With heavenly colors and a strikingly unusual design, your landscape will get all the BEST kind of attention – especially when you plant them in large numbers! Accent them with winter favorites like pansies and viola for even more colorful results. These gorgeous autumn ornamentals can be planted in the ground or in containers, depending on your preference.  Flowering Kale & Cabbage are close relatives of edible cabbages and kale, but these have been bred strictly for their appearance.  (They are edible, just not as tasty as their siblings.)  Their purple, green, rosy and creamy white colors make them look more like beautiful flowers than veggies!  

They are equally at home in full sun or partial shade and it is the chill in the air beginning this month that makes their colors more brilliant.  They like a slightly acidic soil pH so add some Encap Fast Acting Lime to keep them happy.

(Ornamental cabbage and kale can often last throughout the winter, but whether they are able to keep up appearances will depend on the weather and how exposed they are to the elements as the season gets later and much colder.)

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