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Every advantage goes to trees and shrubs that are planted in October!  The first advantage is YOURS, since temps are comfortable enough that you don’t even have to break a sweat doing it.

The next advantage is to the trees and shrubs themselves, since this is perfect time weather-wise for their roots to nestle into the ground and begin the process of becoming established.  By starting now, they will have developed a good strong root system by next spring – growing season!  At that time, you can watch them grow by leaps and bounds, compared to trees that are not planted until spring and they will have a better tolerance to the hot, dry temperatures of summer. Read more about the importance of root growth here.

Another advantage is that planting now will enable them to become established by the time regular freezing temps arrive.  The cooler air and still-warm soil helps new plantings to take hold.  In Fall, most trees and shrubs enter a natural period of dormancy, so while you won’t see any growth above ground, all of their energy is moving into the roots and storing nutrients.  This gives them a stronger constitution and makes them better able to withstand freezing winds and snow.

Make sure to apply Fertilome Root Stimulator at planting and every 7-10 days for the next 6 weeks. This is one of our most recommended products – it’s economical and works wonderfully!

And as long as you are planting, why not plant trees and shrubs that will add a brilliant display of fall color to your yard for years to come! Many of the choices mentioned here offer spring and/or summer color as well, but you’ll LOVE the way they look in your fall landscape.

Dogwoods, Red Maple & Serviceberry, Birch, Blackgum, Crape Myrtle, Dawn Redwood, Ironwood, Japanese Maples, Oaks, Flowering Pears.


Don’t forget about shrubs, too, like Nandina, Viburnum, Spirea, Hydrangea, Barberry, Blueberry, Fothergilla & Chokeberry.

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