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Instilling a love for gardening in children while they are young can also instill a love for Mother Earth and traits like reliability and perseverence. Oh, and it’s fun, too. LOTS of fun! Join the growing trend of gardening as a hobby for young ones – we’ve got all kinds of fun ways to get them started! 

There are lots of indoor houseplants that are fascinating, especially to children!  Bring them to our EJC greenhouses and let them choose from options like Venus Fly Traps (pictured here) and “Nepenthus”, known as the Hanging Pitcher Plant.

In cactus and succulents, they’ll love our String of Pearls, Burro’s Tail, and the String of Dolphins plant is always popular.  (Yes, it really does look like a string of dolphins!) Let your children decide where to put the plant based on lighting needs, and put them in charge of watering and feeding.  It is a lesson in responsibility that will stay with them the rest of their lives!

We have pretty Shamrock plants available (perfect for March and St Patrick’s Day), plus we are headquarters for a complete line of supplies to create and maintain Fairy Gardens too!  Then top off their purchase with choices from our line of child-size garden tools and gloves.

If they enjoy caring for their houseplant, come spring and summer just move the hobby outside to flowers or vegetables in a container and watch ’em go (or grow!).

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