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This month is feeding times for those garden nasties – grubs! They’ll spend this month fattening up for the winter ahead, where they will snuggle in until next spring. That makes this an ideal month to kill grubs before they can damage your lawn and garden and damage it they will! They will feed on the roots of your grass and ruin it’s appearance, leaving bare ugly patches in their wake. They will also attract other critters such as raccoons, moles, skunks, & the like who enjoy them as a food source. Here are some steps you can take – preferably in early September – to stop them in their tracks.

Hy Yield Grub Free Zone not only kills white grubs, but is also effective against the larvae of Japanese Bettle, Oriental Beetle, Chafers, Asiatic Garden Beetles, May/June Beetles, & Mole Crickets. Apply once now and once again in Spring, you’ll find this truly effective at killing grubs!

grub free zone Another option is Milky Spore, this organic product should be applied three times during the first year of use and after that it will remain effective for approximately 20 years.  It will not be as effective as quickly as the Grub Free Zone mentioned above, but some folks prefer it because of how long it lasts.

milky spore

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