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It’s time to quit tolerating those ugly bald spots in your lawn and do something about them –  especially since they are so easy to fix! There two ways to repair those spots that are both easy and efficient.  Patching can be very effective – that is where you use pieces of sod to cover the area and seeding.


  • Cut the sod (call Evergreen of JC for availability) to whatever size you need then
  • Use your hands to slightly loosen up the patch. 
  • Add a little Fertilome New Lawn Starter to the dirt before placing the patch of sod onto it
  • Press down  the sod firmly so that the roots of the sod make good contact with the dirt
  • Repeat this process as many times as needed to cover the area.
  • Water the sod – you shouldn’t need to water it again until the weather turns warmer and drier.

Your next option to eliminate bald spots in the lawn is to basically re-seed!  It couldn’t be easier (unless you get someone else to do it for you!)


  • Loosen up the soil
  • Sprinkle on some grass seed
  • Add some Fertilome New Lawn Starter
  • Cover with straw
  • Done

For smaller areas, we sell straw in quantities smaller than a full bale so you’re not stuck with way more than you need, AND we sell grass seed loose by the pound for this same reason.

Cover up the bald spots!  It’s about time! Because bald may be beautiful, but NOT in your lawn.


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