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We’re in love with blueberries!  So many health benefits and SO easy to grow, even in containers.  So how can you begin growing your own berries for future picking, instead of having to settle for grocery store goods?  Easy!  Become a blueberry aficionado with these growing tips from the pros.

There are LOTS of blueberry plants you grow in your own landscape, including compact sizes ranging from 2 feet up to 8-10 feet tall.  You can even grow them containers – they are a BEAUTIFUL bush!  Come talk to one our experts in the EJC Tree & Shrub Department any time about what varieties will work best in the space you have allotted. Don’t settle for grocery store blueberries when growing your own is so easy!

Whether you need more than one blueberry bush to produce berries depends on what size fruit you want.  Some are self-pollinating, but you can grow larger fruit if you employ cross pollination with a second variety.  Again, our Tree/Shrub pros can point exactly which ones you’ll need.  

They thrive in acidic soil so add some Espoma Soil Acidifier granules to the soil when planting.  As far as a full fertilizer, in addition to using the acidifier, apply Evergreen of Johnson City’s own Blueberry Food for great results!

Finally SAVE THIS ARTICLE so you can refer back to at planting time – the ideal month for planting is April, but the only time that is really NOT acceptable for planting blueberries is December through February.

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