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Choose from our greenhouse full of fresh heat-loving annuals to create gorgeous container gardens for your porch, patio, deck – everywhere and anywhere!  Here’s how to make the perfect late summer container of color to bloom at least another 8 weeks!  Use these same ideas for perking up your summer containers which may be getting a little peaked by now.

  • Make sure your container offers appropriate drainage so you don’t have to deal with root rot.  If there are no holes in the bottom for drainage, add some gravel/pebbles in the bottom before adding the soil.
  • Use a good soil like our Black Gold Organic .  Even though this top quality potting soil contains some fertilizer, we recommend adding some extra-slow release Bloomkote fertilizer as well to encourage the most blooms possible! These are both low-cost options – after all, creating colorful containers is supposed to be fun, not expensive!
  • Finally mix and match from the hundreds of new healthy heat loving annuals in our greenhouses.  Some of our favorites include Begonia (sun-loving varieties like Dragon Wing and Whopper), the ever gorgeous Million Bells, colorful Lantana, Gazania Daisies, Supatiens (the new sun-loving impatiens) and lovely bright green sweet potato vine that grows like crazy and will frame your flowers perfectly.

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