Coaxing Crazy Color From Your Fall Annuals

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Now that you’re enjoy the brilliant colors of your  Pansies, Viola and ornamental Kale and Cabbage, make sure they perform their very best over the weeks and months ahead!  With the proper nutrients, not only can you enhance their colors but you’ll also strengthen their root development which in turn, ensures they will continue to thrive through the winter months ahead!

Fertilome Root Stimulator is almost a magic potion for your fall annuals –  you’ll think so, too, when you see what it can do!  An application now and later in early winter will produce great long AND short term results!  Pansies and Violas especially will react beautifully to the high phosphorous levels found in this product.  It also contains a root hormone IBA as well as vitamin B nutrients that will help keep them healthy all winter long. Often pansies and violas can have brief dormant “non blooming” periods during the winter season.   But a sure-fire way to make sure they will react with vigor when the winter sun returns is by making the roots as strong as possible – and Fertilome Root Stimulator takes care of that for you.  Another reward you and your fall/winter annuals will reap is a consistent and powerful spring performance as well!

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