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Just ahead is the hardest season for the beautiful birds that hang around here in East Tennessee each winter.  Food becomes scarce, shelter is harder to find, and natural protection is at a minimum.  Come stroll around our Birdfeeding department for a look at our birdhouses, special seed blends for food, bird baths for water and lots more!  But don’t overlook all the natural options available too, for helping our beautiful birds survive the winter and keep on singing!

There are lots of trees are great sources of protection and nesting for birds all year, and especially in winter.  For shelter, protection and nesting, they prefer broadleaf and coniferous evergreens and many different types of pine trees.  Other great choices are holly, arborvitae, cypress and spruce trees.

There is a wide variety of medium and large size trees that also make terrific home bases for birds.  Maples and oaks, elms and sweetgums are just a few examples of trees that will give them a true birds’ eye view, so to speak!

As for food sources, there are tons of possibilities, any of which will look great in your landscape!  Some of our favorites are shrubs like Nandina, Holly, Mahonia, Winterberry, Viburnum, Chokeberry, Beautyberry, Clethra, Rose of Sharon, Juniper and more.  If you’re not familiar with any of these, stop by and we’ll be glad to point them out to you.

Birds also feed on cones, berries, fruit, and nuts as provided by Flowering Dogwood (both Native & Chinese varieties), Serviceberry, Crabapples, White Oak, Spruce, Bald Cypress, Elm, and many more.

Invite birds to bring their beautiful colors and song to your home this winter – and for decades to come – by planting the life-giving nourishment and shelter they need.  You won’t be sorry!

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