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Most folks think of using mulch in winter to help protect plants, shrubs, trees and more from freezing temps.  But mulch is also a summertime essential, working to help everything survive the summer heat unscathed!

A layer of mulch will help the soil retain water, allowing the roots to draw from it even on the hottest days.  Additionally it will keep the soil cooler than leaving it exposed to the hot sun – another benefit for your plants’ roots!

But did you know that using mulch can also improve the quality of the soil?  As the mulch biodegrades, it turns into rich organic humus! For vegetable and flower beds, we highly recommend Pine bark Soil Conditioner, which is basically pine bark ground up to look like sawdust.  As you dig around the flowers and veggie plants, mix it into the earth.  You will not have to remove or replace it ever – just add more when called for!

We also recommend a good weed preventer because preventing them is SO much easier than pulling them!  We have these available in affordable traditional weed preventers, as well as organic formulas.

Finally, when you place mulch around your trees and shrubs, do not build it up right to the trunk.  That’s just asking for trouble from insects. Instead stop the mulch a few inches from trunk or stem.

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