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It’s a waterfall of dark green fronds, from which bright colorful flowers burst forth into a colorful array of flowers.  It’s the Daylily, it’s gorgeous and it’s classically Southern! 

A Southern landscape without daylilies?  Perish the thought!  They are beautiful yet hardy just like our genes and whether they are gathered by the dozens encircling a tree, lining a border, or standing alone in all its glory, the Daylily is an easy-care classic.

They are naturally resistant to disease and insects and will easily thrive for years and years to come!

Plant where they will get plenty of sunshine and water only when they  begin to look a little dried out.  There are tons of varieties to choose from and for planting in July, we recommend choose mid- and late-summer blooming ones so you can enjoy their flowers the rest of the summer.  For next year, choose some early bloomers too so the flowering will continue from April through late fall.

Also check out our “Repeat Blooming” Daylilies, which bloom in spring and AGAIN later in summer!

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