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Isn’t it amazing that those gorgeous Crape Myrtles around town are STILL holding on to their fabulous color?! They’ll continue to do so into autumn! No wonder they are one of the most popular trees/shrubs in our area.  They thrive here! 

  • Your only problem with them will be choosing the color and size that’s perfect for your landscape.
  • In addition to growing as trees, Crape Myrtles are now available in small shrub type varieties growing from 3 ft up to 6-8 ft tall.  This really opens up your options, especially if space is at a minimum.  And with regular pruning, you really can keep them as small and tidy as you like. 
  • So when you see those amazing HUGE Crape Myrtles growing wild with gorgeous color, remember those same colors can be had in more petite varieties too. Come by our Tree & Shrub Department and browse the different types we have available. Be sure to talk to one of our T&S experts about how to coax the most color possible from the beauties for years to come.

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