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We see why the Bearded Iris is Tennessee’s official state flower and now is the ideal time to plant the gorgeous bearded Iris to give it plenty of time
to settle in before winter. These stately beauties will add elegance to your
landscape for years to come, so plant them in as many multitudes as you can. What’s better than a bearded iris in your landscape? 20 of them!!

This is the ONLY time of year that iris rhizomes are available for planting in the landscape. The plants are available in spring in pots, but you can purchase the rhizomes now for half the price! And while no one loves a container plant or garden more than us, the stately iris really should be appreciated in a grouping in the yard or garden. And naturally, we have plenty for you to choose from in a variety of colors here at Evergreen of Johnson City.

  • Plant them where they will enjoy full sun and in a very well drained spot
  • It is very important to plant your iris shallow – cover those roots (rhizomes) only LIGHTLY through the winter with a fine layer of pine needles! (Spring through fall, the roots should be completely exposed with no covering at all.)
  • Mix some Bone Meal into the soil when you plant them for great results. The size of the blooms and the variety of colors is amazing!
  • They will need room to grow so plant them several inches apart.
  • Every 3-4 years, divide them to keep them healthy and give the baby rhizomes a chance to develop.

Be aware, too, that most of the varieties we offer are repeat-blooming. So in
addition to their April blooms, you get enjoy the blooms again the summer when they return!

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