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One of the keys to a beautiful lawn is eliminating weeds – do it now before they go to seed and create an even bigger problem!
 Fertilome Weed Out Pro is our favorite choice, mainly because it’s a real multi-tasker!  Kill weeds, prevents crabgrass and stops lots of weed seeds in their tracks, AND it feeds your lawn at the same time.  One product that accomplishes 3 things – that means fewer products to buy and saving money is ALWAYS a good thing!  Even though this is a tremendous product, it works only as well as it is applied, and TIMING IS EVERYTHING!  Spread it on when the lawn is moist (super early in the am is great when there is dew) so that the weed killer will stick to the leaves of the weeds. Also, apply it between mowings so you don’t mow off the leaves that have the weed killer stuck on them! Spread on 3 – 4 days after you have mowed so there are large leaves of your weeds to catch the weed killer. Lastly, even as well as this product works, some super hard-to-kill weeds like clover and wild onions will need probably need a spot spray of Fertilome Liquid Weed Out to finish them off.
LAWN DISEASE TIP:  For a successful and healthy summer lawn, reduce the chance of fungal diseases like brown patch by not running you sprinkler in the evening – only do such in the morning.

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