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A Loooong Laaaawn Summer

A Loooong Laaaawn Summer

A Loooong Laaaawn Summer

As heat settles in for the summer, here are some special tips from our lawn care experts to keep your lawn grass healthy and green!

  • Don’t water the lawn at night – do it in the morning!  Watering at night allows it sit on the grass for several hours, before the sun absorbs it.  This can increase fungal diseases tremendously!  And fungal disease is hard and expensive to treat.   If you water in the afternoon in the heat of the day, the sun may well absorb the water before it has a chance to travel down to the roots where it is most needed.  Remember: Morning!  Morning! Morning!
  • If you apply a lawn food, read the label carefully and choose one with a lower amount of nitrogen.  (That is the first number on the bag.) Also look for the words “slow releasing” –  you want a formula where the nitrogen will be released gradually.  Any of our store associates can point out exactly what you need!
  • If you’d really like to “green up” the color of your grass, try using Ironite rather than a traditional lawn fertilizer.  This will bring out the green with no risk of disease.
  • Make sure your mowing height this month is raised to 3.5″ or even 4″ – keeping is shorter during the summer heat can harm the grass.
  • Even if you applied crass and weed preventer back in March, remember it is only effective for about 3-4 months.  It’s time to apply it again!
  • Spray weed killers to control those persistent weeds.  Bring in some samples of the weeds you’re dealing with, and we’ll advise you on which herbicide to use!

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