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Nobody appreciates a great tomato like we Southerners do, and nobody GROWS a great tomato like Evergreen of Johnson City customers.  We have hundreds of plants, dozens of different kinds, and the strongest healthiest tomato plants everywhere.  Plus great prices to boot! Here are some of the basics you need to know to grow a great tomato plant:

  • Plant them in the sunniest spot in your landscape.  Tomatoes thrive on sunshine, as do the rest of us!  Use Daddy Pete’s Kickin’ Chickin’ for optimum growth. Mix it in the soil if you are planting new tomatoes, or if already planted, just put it on top of the soil around the plants.  We have it in 20 qt bags are OMRI listed (a top classification for organic gardeners)
  • Plant them so the soil comes up to the last few leaves – deeper than the soil you got them in.  The more stem underground, the more roots that will develop and more roots result in a stronger plant.
  • Once your plant is a few feet tall, pinch all the leaves off of the first foot of stem.  These bottom leaves are usually the first to develop fungus and blight since they receive the least amount of sun and circulation.
  • Water tomato plants regularly and deeply – twice a week should be sufficient unless drought conditions set in.  A light layer of mulch will help them to retain the moisture longer.
  • Spray your tomatoes weekly with Fertilome Triple Action to keep both insects and disease at bay!
  • Watch for spotted leaves and pull them off the plant as soon as you find them.  Don’t just drop them to the ground, but throw them away!  This can stop blight from sucking the life out of your tomato!
  • A calcium deficiency will turn the bottom of your tomatoes black – this is called Blossom End Rot.  You can both prevent and treat this condition with Fertilome Blossom End Rot spray – it is a completely safe liquid calcium that is simply sprayed on
  • For something different, try our Espoma Tomato Tone, packed full of only natural and organic nutrients.  And check our Mighty ‘Matos!  These are tomatoes that are unbelievably resistant to disease and insects and produce two to three times a normal harvest!

Have any other tomato questions? Just give us a visit or call and speak to one of our knowledgeable experts!

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