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Winter time is a terrific time to plant trees, shrubs and many perennials!  Adding new trees and shrubs to your landscape this month – or any time this winter – is smarter than you may know – it benefits the tree/shrub itself, and is easier for you too. As long as the ground is not frozen solid, then it’s not too cold to plant! Due to the short days and cold temperatures, trees are in their dormancy; their respiration rate and nutritional needs are at a minimum.  Perennials will not need the steady watering that they’ll require when newly planted in warm weather, so your work load is at a minimum!  During the cooler months, the roots will settle in and get used to their new surroundings so that when growing time gets here, it will be miles ahead of anything put in the ground in spring or summer. Whatever you are planting, choose a site based on its fully-grown height and width.  Unless it is specifically intended for shade, make sure it will get adequate sunshine too.

Plant now and give your trees & shrubs a huge head start on next year’s summer weather!



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