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A Timeless Southern Tradition – The Hydrangea!

A Timeless Southern Tradition – The Hydrangea!

A Timeless Southern Tradition – The Hydrangea!

Hydrangea are as traditional to Southern summers as sweet tea and lake swimmin’!  And nobody likes Southern traditions more than we do here at Evergreen of Johnson City!  Our selection of strong healthy hydrangea ready to be planted is HUGE,   and the ideal time of year to plant them is RIGHT NOW!  EJC divides these GORGEOUS flowering shrubs into two categories:


These beauties grow to about 3-5 feet tall!  Their blooms are either pink or blue, depending on how acidic the soil is.  That means YOU have a say in their color, since additives determine the hue – soil that is acidic (accomplished by adding Espoma Soil Acidifier) will produce blue blooms , and soil that is alkaline (accomplished by adding Hy Yield Fast Acting Lime) results in pink.  They require morning sun and  moist, well-drained soil in order to thrive. Also it is best to not prune them until they start growing each spring and then only remove any dead stems. 


Hydrangea from this category are wildly popular in our area and are divided into numerous varieties.  Some, such as Tidbit and BoBo, grow to only about 3 feet tall, while others like Limelight and Pinky Winky will grow as high as 10 feet!  These are super easy to grow and should be planted in full sun.  The colors and blends (more than one color in a single bloom) are hard to choose from, each lovelier than the one before.  Lots of homeowners choose to leave the blooms on these hydrangea all winter and not prune until February or March next year. The dried blooms are popular in craft projects and stunning when they are covered with winter frost. These are a no brainer – easy and gorgeous!

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