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Open Your Home to New Life in 2021

Open Your Home to New Life in 2021

Open Your Home to New Life in 2021

Brighten up your home, your office, or your home office, with gorgeous green houseplants from the selection at Evergreen of Johnson City. Our greenhouses are at their fullest ever, bursting with houseplant possibilities.

Many plants work actively to improve the air quality in your surroundings, and who doesn’t want that!?  And the more, the better! Keep in mind that plants can only improve the air quality if they are strong and healthy themselves.  Fortunately we have experts on site to help you make the perfect selection, based on light and watering needs and of course, beauty.

CARE NOTES: One of the most common mistakes made regarding houseplants in the winter is repotting them into larger pots. Unless absolutely necessary, it is better to wait until late spring or summer. Also, don’t forget to give your inside tropicals some nutrients during the winter, although fertilizer should be half strength as on the label. Our Espoma Indoor Houseplant Food is a perfect and organic recommendation.


So why not surround yourself with a home, an office, or a home office overflowing with plants from Evergreen of Johnson City. You’ll be amazed at how living greenery can improve not just the scenery but your mood as well!

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