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Satisfy Your Gardening Urge With Seeds

Satisfy Your Gardening Urge With Seeds

Satisfy Your Gardening Urge With Seeds

Itching to be in the garden? Start some flowers and vegetables and herbs indoors from seed this month!  We have great seed-starter kits to make it SO easy!

Some cool-weather vegetables can be started late this month, such as broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, mustard, kale, cabbage, onion, radish and carrots. You’ll love the indoor seed-starter kits we have available here at EJC that make the process as easy as pie!  (Actually, probably easier than pie!)
For instance, we offer the Planter’s Pride Kit,  which comes with 50 fiber organic pots and a cover dome for humidity.  We also have special Black Gold Seed Starting Soil, peat moss pots, plant labels, heating pads for super fast germination, and even pellet pots that swell up when you sit them in water (super fun for kids)!

Whichever starter you choose, you’ll find that getting started on your cool season veggie seeds now will have them ready for outdoor planting in March and you’ll be on your way to a table brimming with healthy delicious choices from your very own garden!

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