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Forever Starts Today

Forever Starts Today

Forever Starts Today

Perennials – also known as forever flowers, since they return to your garden year after year on their own – should be planted ASAP if you are starting them from seed.  And you should!

What could be prettier than a garden full of colorful perennials – easy to plant, easy to afford, and easy to grow?!  Buy one of our perennial mixes and throw them with abandon into a prepared area where you have loosened the soil a bit, then sit back and wait for the show to start.  Perennials like to take their time germinating, and some will do so faster than others.  But once the show begins, you’ll be treated to color and beauty all summer, year after year!

We have several varieties of small seed packs, as well 2 lb bags – that’s enough seed to cover a 14×14 ft area.  After planting, just water occasionally as needed.

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