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Succulents Rule, So Here Are Succulent Rules! 

Succulents Rule, So Here Are Succulent Rules! 

Succulents Rule, So Here Are Succulent Rules! 

Succulents are so popular, it seems wise tp remind you of a few easy but important steps toward maintaining their good health.  We have a super variety of succulents from whimsical to interesting, from beautiful to just plain cute! And even though they are in the easy-care cactus category, there are a few basic differences you need to be aware of…

  • Succulents grow much faster than cactus so some will get tall or “leggy” and require cutting back if they get too large for their pot.
  • Most cuttings from succulents can be rooted to propagate. In other words, take those cuttings and let them “callus” or scab over for several days, then plant them in a good nutritious soil, like Seed Start potting soil. Regular potting soil won’t do the trick.
  • Succulents do need water, though you should let them dry out before watering.
  • While they need lots of light to maintain their leaf color, many succulents can get by without direct sun as long as they still get bright light. Check with our greenhouse pros about your particular choice.
  • When moving your succulent to a new pot, choose a soil that is blended with nutrients specifically designed to meet succulents’ needs. We use Fertilome Succulent Potting Mix.

Now that you have some more info on succulents –  come in and browse our huge selection today!

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