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You may wrap up your mowing for the season this month, but don’t stop there!  Just a couple of easy steps taken this month can go a long way toward giving you beautiful green lawn you deserve!

This month through early November is by far the very best time of the year to sow grass seed.  So cover those bare spots! Thicken up your sparse lawn!  You don’t have to start from scratch to benefit from adding grass seed this month!

The type of grass seed you choose should be based on how much sunlight you get.  If your lawn is exposed to partial or full sunlight most of the time, use our TLC Fescue Blend.  And if your grass is mostly shaded, choose the Emerald Park Deep Shade Mix.  Both are perfectly blended for the appropriate exposure and are brands we know to be successful in our area.

TIP:  If you have used a fertilizer this fall that contains weed preventer, DO NOT plant grass seed now.  You will need to wait until next year.

Once your grass seed is in place, it’s time to fertilize!  Even if you are not adding seed, you should still fertilize the grass this time of year – it is the most important step in our 4-Step Lawn Care Program!  Fertilize with Fertilome Classic Slow Release Lawn Food.  Pick up our Winterization Formula at the same time, so it will be ready to lay down around Thanksgiving, giving your lawn great protection from freezing temps!

TIP:  October and November are the two very best months of the whole year for grass growth.  BUT this cannot happen if fallen leaves are blocking the sun!  Keep your lawn as free of leaves as possible, even if you have to lightly rake a few times each week.  If you wait until they have all fallen from the trees so you can rake them all at once, you’re smothering your lawn grass and depriving it of this perfect growing time!!

Want a healthy lawn year round? Check out our 4 Step DIY Lawn Program.

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