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Hummingbird Haven

Hummingbird Haven

There are lots of beautiful ways to attract hummingbirds, other than the traditional hummingbird feeders.  The color red is the key.  While a number of bright colors get their attention, it is red that really draws them in!  By filling your garden and landscape with shades of red – especially tubular shaped blooms – you’ll get to enjoy the beauty and wonder of these intriguing tiny birds all season!

Hummingbirds’ long beaks collect pollen as they drink nectar, then they transfer it to other flowers. In addition to a tubular shaped bloom that accommodates their beaks, flowers that bend downward make it easier for the birds to hover and drink nectar at the same time!  Some prime examples of this type of flower are Liatris, Cardinal Flower, Monarda, Bluebeard, Salvia, Weigelia, Butterfly Bush, Crape Myrtle, Summersweet and Rose of Sharon.  You’ll find all of these in the Evergreen of Johnson City greenhouses and in our Tree & Shrub Department.  Pick out some other brightly colored flowers to accompany them for a beautiful garden that will serve as a welcome mat for hummingbirds!

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