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The grass is done growing and you are done mowing – Yay!  Now let’s talk about what is REALLY going on with your lawn grass right now.  There is plenty happening as your grass prepares itself to withstand the winter weather ahead  We have put together some important steps you can take to make sure your lawn remains healthy, retains some color during the winter months, AND is ready and rarin’ to go next spring!

This is the name you need to remember:  Fertilome Winterizer.  It is a granular fertilizer that should be applied to your lawn this month and is full of exactly the right nutrients your grass needs.  In addition to Nitrogen, it also contains high levels of Potash which will increase the health and hardiness of the grass and also help it retain color during the winter season.

Let’s talk about Lime, too – especially our Fast-Acting Lime, which is a newer concentrated form of old fashioned pellet lime.  You will find it much easier to apply, faster-acting and free of the usual mess associated with pellet lime.

If you’re not sure whether your lawn grass needs lime, we have low cost testing kits for sale here at EJC that will help you determine the pH balance of your lawn.  Chances are, it WILL need lime since our soil in the area tends to be acidic. Also if you fertilize your grass regularly (highly recommended!), it can cause a drop in pH levels that an annual application of lime will take care of.  A 30 lb bag of Fast Acting Lime will cover 4-5,000 sq feet.

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