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Bringing sensitive outdoor plants like tropicals indoors for the season successfully is a simple 2-step process.
  1. First spray them first for insects and/or eggs that are looking to hitch a ride indoors!  We recommend using  Natural Guard Neem Insect Spray to get rid of insects – be sure to spray the underside of the leaves and foliage as well as the tops. It is available in an easy-to-use premixed squirt bottle.  Then add some Bonide Systemic Houseplant Granules – the insecticide in the granules will be absorbed by the roots and distributed throughout the whole plant for safe, long-last insect control.
  2. And second, cut back on steps that encourage growth.  For now, they should grow at a slower pace during the cold months so lessen your fertilizing routine. Also if you are considering doing any repotting, put it off until spring.  Moving them to a larger pot will encourage growth, which is counterproductive.  Continue to water them but to a lesser degree.  You don’t want them to die, just to rest!   Keep in mind that homeowners often find their plants are much larger than they thought and have a problem finding a place for them. Many, but not all, can be pruned to reduce their size. We will be happy to inform you which ones can and how their size can be reduced – jot down their name and or snap some pics and bring them in for our experts to take a look!

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