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When it comes to Christmas, no flower speaks to the season like the poinsettia.

Festive and brightly colored, the poinsettia comes in a variety of hues, including red, white, pink, burgundy, marbled and speckled, making it a perfect choice to decorate your home during the holidays.

Obviously, there are all sorts of places around your home where you can place poinsettias but one of my favorites is near your fireplace, around the hearth, or on the mantle. You can choose to have a variety of colors or go just with the more traditional red and white but regardless of the color, the flowers will add a definite flair to your Christmas décor.

Other great ways to use the flower around your home, includes placing them in larger planters near your doors, using them in hanging baskets and decorating your table by using them as a centerpiece.

You can also get creative with a poinsettia by taking a single flower and stripping the leaves from the stem, then sealing the end of the stem (hold over a small flame to cauterize it). Stick the stem in a flower tube filled with water and they’ll last a long while. These single flowers can then be used in a variety of ways, including sticking them in wreaths and also in Christmas trees (I’ve seen them used to decorate an tree and the result is absolutely gorgeous)!

Tiny “Mini Star” poinsettias, which come in tiny plastic pots, can also be purchased and used as a place setting. If you can’t find them, simply follow the directions in the paragraph above and put the single flowers in tiny glass vases near each plate on the table.

Placing poinsettia’s around your Christmas tree also makes for beautiful holiday ornamentation. Another really great thing about poinsettia’s? If you care for them properly, they can last for us to six months. They can also be saved for the following year by cutting them back and fertilizing them.

Do yourself a favor and get some poinsettia’s for your home – the most popular Christmas flower in this country certainly can help get you into the holiday spirit!

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