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Cold weather veggie plants are ready to go in the ground (or container) right now.  It’s their nature to not only withstand the cold, but become even tastier due to it!  Find out which veggies you can and should plant today, whether you’re putting a few in a container or planting a whole crop!

Famous for being packed with nutrients, broccoli is tasty and easy to grow!  You can replant the shoots for a continuous crop through spring.

Lettuce is another pre-spring favorite for planting.  There are lots of different varieties available featuring slightly different tastes and leaf color and texture.  Lettuce can be started as actual plants or as seeds.  If you use seeds, just sprinkle them on top of soft soil, but don’t cover them up – they needs light to germinate!

The flavor of garden-fresh radishes is terrific when compared to those purchased at a grocery.  Spicy and crisp, the color and shape is a great addition to salads & entrees!  We recommend starting radishes as seeds instead of plants for the best results.

Kale is often referred to as a Superfood for its amazing nutritional value.  It loves the cold weather and will produce edible leaves only 4-6 weeks after planting.  Start them as seeds or young plants – either one is fine and produces the same great results.

Snow Peas are an early pre-spring favorite, yummy and so versatile in cooking!  Pick them when the pods are still flat and the peas are just beginning to swell.  We love the Alaska Snow Peas – they are super tender and sweet!  Tip from the pros: plant the variety called Wando Snow Peas in late spring for a second crop. It tolerates warmer temps well and that way, you can keep the peas coming!

Cabbage is another cool-season plant that you can pop into the ground or containers now.  Some of the most popular varieties locally include Early Jersey Wakefield, Red Cabbage, and Flat Dutch Cabbage.  You’ll find all of them, of course, the EJC greenhouses!

Cauliflower should be planted now, and the sooner the better!  It makes sense, since that huge delicious white head of cauliflower is going to need a long time to mature before picking.

Whatever you choose to plant – you’ll love being able to grow & harvest your very own fresh vegetables and it will help cure the Spring fever that many of you probably have!

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