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Planting annuals can be costly if you don’t get the desired results. Our experience has been that success with annuals has a lot to do with picking the right location in regard to light exposure, as well as soil preparation.

Certainly one could easily agree that sticking a fragile small flower in hard clay and expecting it to grow and perform well would be a stretch. We always recommend loosening the flower bed or soil area intended for flowers, before adding a quality soil amendment, such as cow manure, potting

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soil, peat moss, etc. One of our favorites is Daddy Pete’s Cow manure, but we have many favorites in stock from which you can choose. 

Gardners-SpecialWhen adding the soil amendment, cultivate or till it in and blend evenly with the 4-6” surface layer for best results. Once blended, apply a granular fertilizer, such a Fertilome Gardener’s Special fertilizer, to the soil’s surface and lightly cultivate it into the surface only. Liquid fertilizers can be used later for supplementing during the growing season, but applying a starter granular fertilizer will go a long way toward getting things started. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready to space and plant your new annuals, always being careful to not plant these tender beauties too deep as they prefer to not be installed any deeper than they were originally grown. After planting, you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy the beauty for the rest of the season. Water regularly, but learn about your flowers and manage watering so that they are not over or under watered. This can be tricky so if you aren’t well-versed about how much water your annuals need, one of our greenhouse associates will be happy to assist you.

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