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Late March is the ideal time for planting strawberries for a sweet juicy harvest!

Strawberries should be planted late this month to give them time to become well established before summer sets in.  Keep in mind they need full sun in order to thrive, and do especially well in large containers or half-barrels, in addition to an in-ground strawberry patch!  They like soil to be slightly acidic, so add some Espoma Soil Acidifier granules to the soil.  Use Espoma Berry Tone granular fertilizer when planting, too, to encourage lots of fruit!  Strawberries are easy to grow and our experts will give you any and all guidance you need as far as planting, fertilizing and growing.  Choose between Eversweet Everbearing (produces smaller fruit, but does so for weeks) or Allstar Spring Bearing (for only one large crop, but with bigger berries).

Note: When it comes to strawberries, it is vital to know which of the many available varieties grow well in our area.  Cut out the confusion by getting your plants here at the EJC greenhouses.  Thanks to knowledge born of decades of growing experience, you won’t find anything in our greenhouses that won’t thrive in our area!

If you grow nothing else this season, grow strawberries – you won’t be sorry!  The plants are pretty and the fruit is…well, you know!

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