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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays for sending flowers, right up there with Mother’s Day and Christmas, in fact. When your narrow it down to fresh flowers, Valentine’s Day wins big, garnering 36 percent of all holiday sales.

Which flower then is the top choice among those sending them as gifts for Valentine’s Day? Well, there’s the rose and then… well, quite a ways down the line is everything else. The rose, specifically the red rose, is the most popular flower for the February holiday.

The red rose symbolizes love, romance, passion and beauty, which is why the iconic flower is such a hit on Valentine’s Day, not to mention birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.

But red isn’t the only color of rose that gets send on Feb. 14. Other favorites are:

  • Pink roses – may be sent in new relationships or as a sign of great admiration and friendship.
  • White roses – these flowers could mean true love, purity and marriage
  • Coral roses – could be a sign of desire
  • Peach roses – these beauties are thought to mean excitement, appreciation or desire
  • Yellow roses – sent many times as a sign of friendship or joy
  • Purple roses – someone is enchanted and could mean it was love at first sight for them
  • Off-white roses – could indicate someone’s thoughtfulness and charm
  • Burgundy roses – the sender could be struck by someone’s unconscious beauty
  • Orange roses – might show desire or excitement for a new relationship
  • Yellow and Orange roses – supposedly the sender is smitten
  • Red and Yellow roses – this combination alludes to great happiness and celebrations
  • Red and White roses – this bouquet indicates bonding

Believe it or not, coming in second behind the red rose in popularity at Valentines Day is a bouquet of mixed colors, followed by purple, peach, yellow and pink.

Of course, the absolute best kind of rose to give someone is the kind that will last – a living, growing rose bush that can be enjoyed for years. Our Valentine’s Day Rose Bush package includes a gift certificate that can be redeemed this spring for a three-gallon rose bush in full bloom, a Valentine Mylar balloon and a floral wrapped Valentine flower. All of that for just $47.50! Give us a call at 423-282-3431 and we’ll help you make Valentine’s Day even more special!

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