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I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard “My pansies were buried under 5 inches of snow,  then POOF!  The next week they’re blooming again!”  You just can’t keep a good pansy down!  And luckily, they are no where NEAR the end of their blooming time – plus we have plenty of new ones you can plant today.

These cool hardy annuals won’t reach the end of their life span until June when truly hot weather arrives, so plant more today for beautiful bursts of gorgeous color!  They are as inexpensive as they are pretty. Don’t plant them too deep and don’t let them get too wet, especially since March and April are naturally cool and moist months. 

Whether you have existing pansies or are planting new ones, add some Fertilome Bedding Plant Food 7-22-8 this month.  It has enough nitrogen to make the plants grow fast and lots of phosphorus for plentiful blooms!

Also since deer and rabbits tend to love pansies, we have repellents on hand that you just spray on. Jenn or Shaun will be glad to go over the options with you.

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