Why You Should Plant Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

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In general it’s assumed that spring is the best time to do any kind of planting.  It’s certainly a good time to get plants in the ground for both a vegetable or flower garden but it’s not necessarily the only time for planting trees and shrubs. 

Oftentimes, springtime brings plenty of rain and while that’s certainly needed to make our trees and plants flourish. On the other hand, we’ve certainly experienced a very short spring season and it seems we almost jump directly from winter into the hot, dry summer. And heat & drought stress is the most challenging factors on any newly planted tree or shrub.
The fall planting season, which can actually begin in the early September and run through November or early December, actually has many more advantages than springtime. First of all, transpiration is low and root generation potential is generally rather high. Also, temperatures are typically moderate to cool, which makes it much easier on the plants so it is less likely that trees and shrubs will be damaged by hot weather.
Rain during the fall helps trees and shrubs create their root systems and when the air temperatures are cooler than the soil, new root growth can occur. Fall planting provides 3 seasons of root growth and development before the first, most stressful, summer season. The end result is that spring rolls around and the tree/shrub starts to grow you’ll have a better developed root system. Hint: applying & maintaining a 3” mulch depth with landscaping mulch will help the soil stay moist.
Though a wide range of trees and shrubs can be planted in the fall to early winter season, it’s a known fact that it’s the absolutely best time to plant deciduous trees such as fruit trees, flowering trees, and a wide range of shade and ornamental trees. So check out your fall planting options and utilize one of the easiest planting seasons that is often overlooked and bypassed for successful planting of a wide range of trees & shrubs.  

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