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We love our plants – they add life and beauty to a home like nothing else! But we also love our pets.  They, too, add life and beauty to a home, plus they are a lot more fun to play with than a plant! Fortunately you don’t have to choose one or the other for your home.  Pets and plants can safely co-exist if you know which plants to choose. Many plants are actually dangerous when consumed by animals and let’s face it – you never what a cat or dog is going to put in their mouth next.

So play it safe and choose from this partial list of pet-safe plants that are beautiful and air-purifying as well!

  • African Violet: These classic blooming beauties feature soft leaves and pretty blooms in a variety of colors. Use an African Violet potting mix and fertilizer, and they will thrive endlessly
  • Banana Plant: Bold and dramatic, a banana plant will thrive with just rich soil, bright light and regular waterings.
  • Spider Plant: Don’t be put off by the name!  Spider plants are great growers and not too picky – they can tolerate a wide range of light exposure, moisture & soil conditions.
  • Boston Fern: A lush Boston Fern will add a hint of elegance to any space.  Their love of bright indirect light and humidity make them a great addition to a bathroom
  • Polka Dot Plant: The red, white and pink polka dots look like they were paint-splashed on the pretty green leaves – that’s a lot of character for a plant, making this a perennial favorite!       
  • Bromeliad: What is cooler than these cone shaped blooms nestled in the tough strappy leaves?!  This favorite houseplant needs a bright window and humidity.
  • Ponytail Palm: It’s okay if your cat cannot resist the dangling fronds of the ponytail palm! They’re not only safe, they are pretty and playful, too!
  • Purple Waffle Plant: These purple textured leaves add color and interest all year long.  Maintain the color by maintaining right indirect light.
  • Christmas Cactus: These beautiful red-flowered plants are easy to propagate, require only medium light levels, and prefer to be slightly dry. Not just for Christmas anymore!
  • Prayer Plant: Its name is derived from the leaves that fold in the evening, much like hands folded in prayer – beautiful!  Give it bright indirect sunlight.

Stop in and see us at Evergreen of Johnson City and let us help you pick the perfect pet safe houseplant for you (and your furry friend!)

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