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Now that the days are longer, the extra light and warmth encourages gardens to put out a strong bursts of growth.  However this also means weeds are going to pop up out of nowhere! Here are some of the most effective means we know to stay on top of them – some are things you can easily do on your own and some are products that will help in your battle!

Products to Try

  • Fertilome Weed Free Zone works great on lawns to stop broad leaf weeds dead in the tracks.
  • Weed-Free-Zone-16oz-10524-Planogram-LHi-Yield Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension is great for flower beds, effectively preventing weeds without harming the flowers.


  • Espoma Weed Preventer with corn gluten is our pros’ natural pick for preventing weeds in vegetable gardens.


Methods to Try

*Even the worst cook in the world can boil water!  So do it!  Then take it outside and pour it on weeds along driveways and walkways.  It will burn up the weeds and will cool before it get a chance to reach any grass or plants!

*In areas you want to mulch but not do any planting, cut up and lay down an old shower curtain or carpet sample first.  It will keep sun or water from reaching the weeds underneath so that they die and new ones can’t sprout.  Then cover it up with mulch and you’re good to go!

If, on the other hand, you are mulching an area in which you DO want to add plants and shrubs, we recommend Dewitt Weed Mats – weeds can’t grow through it, but it still allows water and air through.  For sloped areas, use Dewitt ground staples to keep the mat in place.


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