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(Note: Some tasks from last month can carry over into this month due to the closeness in the season. If you have already performed any of these tasks, enjoy the feeling of having that task complete!)



  • Although trees and shrubs can be planted year round, Fall is the BEST time for planting.
  • Remove fallen leaves and debris from around Roses and other shrubbery.


  • Clean and store garden tools
  • Remove weeds (still an important step to help prevent more spread of seed germination)


  • Pot up some indoor blooming bulbs such as Paperwhites or Amaryllis for beautiful indoor color. (They make great presents, too!)


  • Ensure that your fall crops are getting enough water. As the temps cool, less water will be needed.
  • Plant cover crops in the garden, if desired.


  • Cut back perennials that have been damaged by frost such as Hosta, Coneflowers, Daylily, etc.
  • Cut back Banana trees and cover with straw, pine needles, or pine bark soil conditioner to help protect over the winter.


  • Plant mixed pots of Pansies, Violas, Cabbage, Kale & Swiss Chard.
  • Plant Spring blooming bulbs such as Tulips, Crocus, & Daffodil. Read more about planting bulbs here
  • Pull stray weeds in flower beds
  • Store clay and non-frost proof ceramic pots indoors for the winter. Use a scrub brush and hose to clean them out and once they dry, store in a protected place such as a garage. TIP: Store clay pots separately. Do not stack them as they can expand and become very difficult to separate


  • Remove all floating aquatic water Hyacinths and Lettuce
  • Cut back all marginal aquatic plants
  • Cover water garden with netting to prevent leaves and debris from falling into water garden
  • Do a thorough cleaning of filters and pumps
  • We recommend keeping pumps running throughout the season to prevent freeze damage
  • If you decide to turn them off, make sure they are either removed completely from the water garden or completely empty of water to avoid freezing and breakage

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