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Spring is here, bringing the warmer weather we’ve yearned for, while also signaling the time of year when our unattractive brown lawns will soon be transitioning into beautiful, lush green grass.

There’s nothing like the appearance of a freshly cut, deep green lawn to let us know that that the season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth has arrived. Unfortunately, while the lawn may be beautiful at first glance, many broadleaf weeds, which can be tough, aggressive plants, will likely have already begun sprouting, their unwanted presence threatening the splendor of your lawn.

If you know your lawn and are well versed in how to prepare it, you have likely taken steps earlier in the year – generally between February and March – to incorporate fertilizers and pre-emergent herbicides in treating it. In April, it’s time to begin managing post-emergent weed killers, which will begin eliminating dandelions, chickweed, closers, henbit, and many more unsightly weeds.

Post-emergent selective weeds killers are designed to kill unwanted broadleaf weeds while doing no harm to your lawn. These come in various forms, including liquid, which can be distributed by a sprayer, or in a granular form, conveniently applied by a lawn spreader.

Regardless of the issues you might be facing, one of our store associates will be happy to assist you. We can help you by selecting the correct approach for your particular concerns and we will make sure you clearly understand your options, as well as the correct product to use and the amount you will need for your lawn. 


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