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At this time of the year, the heat may well have taken a toll on your summer annuals. Especially if you were not quite as quick with the hose or watering can as you should have been! Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us! The problem that leaves us with, though, is a garden whose color may be fading. And it is waaay too soon to plant fall flowers like pansy and viola (despite the fact that some places do offer them for sale now!). The heat will drain those cool-weather blooms quickly and permanently.

So what is a color-loving home owner to do?!

It’s Evergreen of Johnson City to the rescue, with hundreds of fresh, NEW annuals to replace your fading ones – annuals that will bloom straight through to the first autumn frost! And we have them at terrific sale prices right now, low enough that you can strew their gorgeous color all through your landscape and gardens. Beauties that stand up well to the summer heat include Lantana, Flowering Vinca, Dragon Wing Begonias, Celosia and Angelonia. We also have many heat-loving annuals on display in pretty hanging baskets, on sale for just $13.97!

Treat your new flowers to some Fertilome Blooming & Rooting formula upon planting, to encourage as many blooms as possible for as long as possible. Mix and match the colors and blooms in containers throughout the landscape and in hanging baskets, too. We’ll help you keep the color going year-round with no down time at all! 

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