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Annuals from Evergreen of Johnson City are an amazing source of beautiful color for your March and April (and early May) landscape! They are as affordable as they are pretty so you can stock up and scatter them about in containers, in garden beds and in hanging baskets – just about anywhere! Here are some of our favorites…..

Start with classic Pansies and Violas!  With months of blooming time remaining, these hardy, happy flowers will brighten any spot in your landscape.

Then add some Snapdragons! These fragrant super-colorful flowers should be planted now for best performance – trust us, the frost won’t bother them one bit! Keep them moist (not wet) and be sure they get lots of sunshine.

Plant around your snaps and pansies some gorgeous Dianthus.  The notched petals nestled in bushy foliage come in red, pink and white and are SO pretty!

Some strategically placed Allysum is always a lovely addition to pre-spring containers and beds.  The tiny clumps of blooms in white, yellow, pink and purple also look lovely in smaller containers for spots of surprise color around the deck or porch!

Top things off with the velvety silver-gray fern-like foliage of Dusty Miller! They really POP when surrounding brighter colors in a garden bed. Although they do produce flowers, many gardeners pinch off the buds when they appear, to keep them from taking away from the remarkable foliage!

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