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This month our T/S Spotlight falls on two beauties you can plant today for decades of enjoyment – one with extraordinary blooms and the other a classic blue/green evergreen the whole neighborhood will envy.

Exbury Azaleas:  This lesser known hybrid member of the azalea family (technically it is in the rhodo family too) is a showy feast for the eyes!  They are a decidous shrub, meaning that they are not evergreen and they lose their leaves during winter.  Exbury Azaleas are available in a variety of colors but are best known for their brilliant red, yellow and orange shades!  These are not as water intensive as evergreen azaleas so – while you should water steadily in the weeks after planting – be careful not to overwater, especially in cooler weather.   

They need a well-drained soil, and be sure to not plant them too deep.  Check the accompanying instruction tag for specific planting instructions, or ask any of our Tree/Shrub experts on staff!  We recommend using Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure to enrich the soil, and always apply 2-3 applications of Fertilome Root Stimulator approximately 1-2 weeks apart following planting.

 Horstmann’s Blue Atlas Cedar:  What an amazing color! The Horstmann is a semi-dwarf variety of the classic Blue Atlas Cedar whose more compact size makes it easier to find a home for in your landscape.  The color hues range from icy blue to sky blue and, although it is a semi-dwarf,  it will grow 8-10 ft tall with a 5-6 ft width so be sure not to plant it in a spot that it will eventually outgrow. Being more heat and drought tolerant than the Blue Spruce and less prone to spider mite infestations is a real advantage, but the biggest plus is its fabulous appearance!

Photo Credit: Monrovia

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